Project Eurostar                                                


"We are focused on powering the future responsibly"

In response to the rapid demand growth in Turkey and with regard to the global call for greater energy efficiency, MetCap Energy Investments has developed Project Eurostar, the CCPP Project, through the SPV Verbena A.S. Located in Kırklareli/Turkey, a prime location close to key demand centers including Istanbul and export lines to Europe, Project Eurostar has a licenced output capacity of 890 MW.

Using the latest gas turbine technology, Eurostar’s GE 9FB.03 GT generates 890 MW in combined cycle operation with an efficiency of over 58%. The plant will start feeding into the grid in February 2015 and have an annual electricity generation capacity of approximately 7,250 GWh.

Please see below for technical details and project highlights.



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Tuesday the 20th. Metcap Energy Investments - Istanbul.